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Dryer Vent Cleaning:

​If Your Dryer takes more than an hour to dry a load of Clothes, probably the Dryer Vent is Blocked and needs to be cleaned, Using an Electric Brush and Turbo jet EPA Vacuum, Cleaning and Unblocking the Dryer Duct, We give Our Customers WARRANTY for every job, Call our Experts in Air Duct Cleaning and Prevent major Problems.

Like the Air Duct, the Dryer Vent Cleaning is very important every year, with the aim of preventing; High cost in the Electricity bill, Extend the functional life of the Dryer and most importantly PREVENT FIRES HOME!!!!!  

Find Nests of Birds or other Animals in the Dryer Duct is not a Surprise to many of our Customers, this is the main reason why the Dryer Duct is blocked preventing the Flow of Hot Air dryer ejected from this way is when the Drying Cycles are prolonged for hours and everything is reflected in Electricity Bills.

Prevent such problems will be glad to help you solve whatever the problem with your Dryer!!!!!!!!! 

Air Quality Technology Inc, you best Option in Air Duct Cleaning!!!! 

ONLY $199.**
Dryer vent Deep Cleaning 
Breathe Fresh Mountain Air In Your Own Home!!!! 
Prevent Fires in your Home!!!

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